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Awards and Scholarships

Bullying Report It Please (Bullying RIP) and Franklin Parish NAACP sponsored three Franklin Parish High School students to Envision’s National Youth Leadership Forum: National Security. Taylor Armstard, India Doyle, and Daisha Moses from Winnsboro, LA joined outstanding high school students from across the nation and took part in a unique academic and career-oriented development experience, NYLF: National Security, on the campus of University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD. 

John “Jay” Wilson Martial Arts Award

This award is presented to a middle school student that is a victim of bullying in memory of Jay. His life was cut short at the young age of 27 helping someone escape a domestic violence/bullying situation. Studies indicate that childhood bullying is a stepping stone to future domestic violence.

Based on one study headed by Kathryn Falb, a doctoral student in the Harvard School of Public Health, Michael Miller, M.D., editor in chief of the Harvard Mental Health Letter and a psychiatrist unconnected with the study, told Psychiatric News. “It is useful to know that, in fact, childhood bullying is correlated with later perpetration of domestic violence.”


Domestic violence, which takes place within the home environment, and school bullying, which takes place within the compulsory education system, are inextricably linked. They both involve unauthorized force or violence, either psychological, emotional or physical. They both cause harm to the victim, the perpetrator and the wider community. 

“Jay” trained with Tiger Rock in Monroe, LA and rose to black belt very quickly. He carried his love for helping others through the art by training numerous students at Tiger Rock in Columbia, LA and Maryland. Even though this bright light was snuffed out by a bully, his legacy lives on in the hearts of his family, friends, trainers, and all those he trained and knew him.

National Youth Leadership Sponsorship Recipient

Makeovers and a Movie

Makeovers and a Movie is a four (4) part Bullying RIP training program primarily for females, however males are cordially invited to participate and are welcome. These training sessions cover basic skin care, bullying awareness and prevention, rules, regulations and rights of victims. After the skin care class, a bullying movie is shown during which time students identify bullying and discuss prevention measures and alternate outcomes. These classes also cover teen violence and suicide.

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